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Designing the Perfect Offsite Event for Your Team

facilitated workshops & offsites

Can you believe we’re entering quarter 3 of 2024? Somehow the month’s are flying by and many come to the conclusion that their initial new year resolutions haven’t left their list on their desks. In today’s resource from Nikki Bale, your trusted fractional chief people officer & culture builder, we dive into how you can set up the most beneficial offsite in order to plan for the end of the year. As Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind”.

Let’s break down the goal of your offsite event. Nikki focuses on 2 main pain points for companies: 

  1. Something has gone wrong.  

If you find yourself in this category and need to get your goals back on track consider planning an offsite event to go over past issues. 

  • Use an offsite team building session to address how things went wrong and what steps need to be taken in order to get back on track

  • A specific session to go over an issue can ultimately fast forward your progress. Instead of just touching base month to month, having an in depth session to make a plan and find solutions proves to be the best method for problem solving.

Some examples of problems that need solving: 

  1. Communication 

  2. Repeating conflict issues

  3. Conflict resolutions

  4. Strategies that need revising

  1. Everything’s going well and we want to keep up the momentum. 

People and relationships need consistent communication, encouragement & growth opportunities. A team offsite training is similar to how a garden needs attention and weeding in order to thrive. Without the regular maintenance what was once a beautiful, flourishing garden will start to die and become overgrown with weeds. 

Taking the time to evaluate processes today prevents issues popping up a year from now. Be proactive in preventing conflict and issues by reviewing what is going well and how you can make a plan for those things to continue.

What Does An Offsite Event by Nikki Bale Look Like? 

Every offsite event is planned uniquely for each business's needs. Nikki’s approach starts with meeting with the team leader or CEO who is hosting the event. Using an organizational health audit form, Nikki will gain an understanding of what the goals of the company is and plan an event that is tailored to those needs. 

The best way to get the most out of your offsite event is to be as transparent as possible. Share what is going really well, including specific examples, leaders you’d like to highlight or processes that are helping the team’s growth. Just as important is to share what is not going well. Again, be as specific as possible. Remember when it comes to planning goals that the goals that are least likely to be achieved are the ones without a clear plan. By being as detailed as possible in listing what is working and what isn’t is where the true impact of offsite events come from. 

If you and your team are looking to plan an offsite event or need further resources, contact Nikki Bale today.

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